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HSD is one of the world’s most popular coilover brands as they offer unrivaled performance, quality and value for money. HSD is the in-house brand of HD System, a large Korean suspension manufacturer that produces suspension systems for some of the world’s most famous and successful suspension brands. With over 20 years of expertise in suspension systems, coilover development and manufacturing, they are regarded as a leading expert in automotive suspension systems. With its large manufacturing facility in Seoul, HSD coilovers are manufactured in-house utilising modern, state of the art technology resulting in world-class coilovers available to customers at highly competitive prices.


About HSD Australia

HSD Australia is the sole exclusive HSD authorized master distributor in Australia. Based in Perth, Western Australia, we stock a wide range of HSD coilovers at our custom-built facility. Our parent company Ultrex Performance, has been supplying performance parts to the Australian and International car community for well over 10 years and is well known for providing excellent customer service and great value for money products.